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Highlights from the Chiesi Group focussing on Chiesi CEE

1935 Giacomo Chiesi, the founder, wanted a laboratory to “carry out research”. Chiesi buys the “Pharma Biologica – Pharmaceuctical Laboratory”, a small laboratory in the old center of Parma.

1960 The Company, having 50 employees, already offers a wide range of products (A-col, Tripnol, Parminal, etc.).

1966 Alberto Chiesi and Paolo Chiesi, the sons of the founder, takeover the company. The focus lies on development of own products as well as on internationalisation.

In the 1970s Chiesi starts it internationalisation and establishes subsidiaries, research centers and production plants in Europe, in the US, Pakistan and in Brazil.

1992 Chiesi founds its first European affiliate in France. Read more about Chiesi.

2001 Torrex Pharma, a privately owned company, founded in 1994 in Austria, with its focus on Central Eastern European countries becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary. This company is already well established in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Expansion follows the takeover. Target is the sustained growth in Central and Eastern Europe and the opening up new markets in this area. New offices are set up in Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

2005 The company renames to Torrex Chiesi Pharma GmbH.

2007 Torrex Chiesi Pharma is being entrusted to develop the markets in Russia and the CIS region.

2010 Chiesi Farmaceutici turns 75 and looks towards the future, read more.

2010 Chiesi Farmaceutici reaches a turnover of 1.015 mio Euro, out of which Chiesi Central Eastern Europe (Torrex Chiesi Group) contributes 60,184 mio Euro with 385 employees. Foster® (Fostex®) is successfully launched in Poland.

2011 Takeback of Curosurf® in Russia.

New company name in Austria - Chiesi Pharmaceuticals GmbH

As of May 14, 2011 Torrex Chiesi Pharma GmbH renames to Chiesi Pharmaceuticals. This shows the completition and full integration into the Chiesi group.

2011 Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. reaches a turnover of 1.057 mio Euro, out of which Chiesi CEE (Chiesi Pharmaceuticals) contributes 84,099 mio Euro with 471 employees.  Foster® (Combair®) is sucessfully launched in Czech Republic and Peyona® in Austria and Czech Republic.

2013 Managerial structures are changed, Poland reporting to the region "Europe North & Central Europe" and Russia to "Emerging Markets". Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. reaches a turnover of 1,237 billion Euro, out of which Chiesi CEE contributes 122,6 mio Euro.

2014 Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. reaches a turnover of 1,342 billion Euro.