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Professionalism and partnership

Chiesi Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. and is responsible, within the Chiesi Group, for all activities in the Central and Eastern Europe region, including the Commonwealth of Independent States. Specialty pharmaceuticals and medical devices are sold with a distinct focus on prescription drugs for the hospital sector and resident doctors. 


The product range consists of corporate products developed by our parent company, our own local products and products licensed from well known partners. Main therapeutic areas are pulmonology, neonatology, transplant surgery, intensive care and rheumatology.


The activities include production (GMP), clinical testing (GCP) and the development of in-house products. State-of-the-art systems in the areas of quality assurance, process validation, pharmacovigilance, etc. ensure the quality and safety of the products.   


Our philosophy

Given the history as a relatively young, dynamic and constantly growing company, the principles are based on swift decisions, flexible solutions and loyalty to the partners.


We seek to establish a scientifically based medical dialogue with our customers in order to not simply sell, but to define the optimal usage and application of our products in the therapeutic environment.


Product quality and product safety are necessary underlying prerequisites that we regard as indispensable. It is for that reason that we concentrate on defined therapeutic areas since only in this way we can develop and offer adequate skills and qualification. Our goal is to operate in the market more independently and more proficient than our competitors, with our highly skilled personnel as an asset and resource to underpin our growth and long-term success.


Our activities in our multi-country region require that we adopt an open approach to other nations, cultures and mentalities that is firmly based on mutual understanding, acceptance and, above all, mutual trust. We are ready to take on the new challenges posed by the European health sector and the requirements of a society with an ever-increasing life expectancy.


Growth with new partners

Our strong presence in certain therapeutic areas, combined with our geographic reach, makes us an interesting licensing and marketing partner for other pharmaceutical companies. Our licensing partners include both - smaller companies with interesting niche products and global players.


Essentially we are only interested in products with proven therapeutic advantages over existing therapeutic options. This includes drugs with new active ingredients and/or therapeutic principles or drugs based on patent-free substances which have been optimized in some way e.g. in terms of their galenic formulation.  


We are actively seeking new partners in our therapeutic areas.


With the support of our international mother company, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals GmbH is proud to offer its partners the advantages of its strong presence in the region, regulatory expertise, flexible structures, quick decision-making and, most important, reliability.


Our Products 

Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. is our main significant supplier as producer of our products.